Watercolor, landscape & nature

spring floral

Spring Floral
High siding

Charleston harbor

Charleston Harbor
Summer Porch

Summer Porch 
Boss of the Hen House

White Egret in Flight

Couch Cat


Peninsula Road


A Summer Day

Japanese Peony

Peninsula Road


Julia's Garden


 Pink Peonies


 Autumn Leaves


White Orchids

Turnagain, AK

Peach azaleas

Charleston Gate


Gondola Boats at Rest

Almost Autumn

Boats in Dry Dock

Homer, AK

Coat's Road

Ghost Ranch

Bird Trip Tic

This trip Tic is a series of three paintings  sold as a unit

Each Painting 25" x  38.5"




White Egret

Green Heron

In some cases the works may have been sold.  MAY CREATE COMMISSIONED WORKS UPON REQUEST.

Most Canvass works are 22" x 30"; sizes will vary.

Please contact for details.

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